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Conferência Internacional [Alemanha] sobre a Ameaça Iraniana

Business as usual?
The Iranian regime, the holy war against Israel and the West and the German reaction

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen and dear Friends,

we would like to inform you about an international conference on Iran that will take place in Berlin on May 2nd and 3rd
. A diverse group of renowned speakers from different countries, including exile-Iranian opposition members, academics, politicians, journalists  and NGO representatives, will be speaking. Below you can find the program schedule, which will be updated with a number of additional speakers. You can receive the latest information on our new website www.mideastfreedomforum.org and in our newsletter. A subscription to the free newsletter requires an empty email to join@mideastfreedomforum.org.

Registration to the conference will be possible on our website from 24.3.2008 on.

Support our conference!

Please forward this mail to your potential interested contacts - persons, institutions, mailinglists - and please also use your weblog or other media to inform about the conference.

And we also urgently need donations - you can find our bank account below or on our website.

Do you have other means to support the conference? Please contact us!

Your sincerely,
Mideast Freedom Forum
Berlin e.V.

Phone: +49 (0)30 8733 3417
Fax: +49 (0)30 700 143 1010

Please support the conference and our further work with a donation!

Reason for payment: "Freedom Forum"
Mideast Freedom Forum
Berlin e.V.
Nr.: 7668866
BLZ 100 700 24 (Deutsche Bank)
IBAN: DE75 1007 0024 0766 8866 00



Friday, May 2nd 2008


11 a.m.

Press conference

7 p.m.

Introduction and greetings


7.30 p.m. 

Opening panel:
Islamism, Antisemitism, Nuclear Programme: The Iranian threat


Religious and ideological motivation in Iranian domestic and international policies
Menashe Amir
Former director of the Persian program of Voice of Israel, Israel

A second Holocaust? The threat to Israel
Prof. Benny Morris
Professor of History,
Ben-Gurion University, Middle East Studies Dept., Israel

"Strategic partner"? The special German-Iranian relationship
Dr. Matthias Küntzel 
Political scientist, board member Scholars for Peace in the Middle East,

The EU, Iran and the effectiveness of sanctions
MEP Paolo Casaca
Partido Socialista Portugal, Socialist Group in the European Parliament, Portugal

Chair: Alan Posener
Head commentator Welt am Sonntag, Germany



Saturday, May 3rd 2008


10.15 a.m. - 12.00 p.m.

Theocracy and Human Rights.
The character of the Iranian Regime

Anatomy of Terror in the Iranian theocracy
Javad Asadian
Writer and Poet, member and former president of the exil-Iranian PEN, Germany

Women under theocracy

Nasrin Amirsedghi

The situation of the Kurds in Iran
Dr. Miro Aliyar
Representative of the Democratic Party of Iranian
Kurdistan, Austria

Chair: Caroline Fetscher
Tagesspiegel, Germany



12.45 p.m.  - 14.30 p.m.

The Holy war against Israel and the West

The roadmap to the bomb
Yossi Melman 
Writer and journalist,
Haaretz, Israel

Terror and ideology-export: The Islamic Republic's war against the West
Dr. Patrick Clawson 
Deputy Director for Research at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, USA 

Iran and the Islamist network in Germany
Alexander Ritzmann 
Political Scientist, European Foundation for Democracy,

Chair: Dr. Sylke Tempel
Historian and Publicist,


16.00 p.m. - 17.45 p.m.

Iran and Europe: Dialogue or confrontation?

Capitulate to the Iranian Regime?
Henryk M. Broder (tba.) 

Business as usual? German-Iranian trade relations
Dr. Matthias Küntzel 
Political scientist, board member Scholars for Peace in the Middle East,

Know nothing, hear nothing, see nothing - Germanys policy towards Islamism: Calculation or anticipatory obedience?
Bruno Schirra
Journalist and Publicist,

Chair: N.N.



18.15 p.m. - 20.15 p.m. 

Final panel:
The need for a new antifascism

International cooperation against the Mullah-Regime
Kayvan Kaboli

Spokesperson of the Green Party of
Iran, USA 

Where are the anti-fascists? Iran and the meaning of "Coming to terms with the Nazi past" in 2008
Prof. Jeffrey Herf 
University of Maryland, College Park, USA 

Freedom, secularization, democracy – for a new Middle East
Thomas von der Osten-Sacken 
Manager Wadi e.V., Germany

Chair: Doris Akrap
Editor Jungle World,
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